What is Engine Coolant?

There are two types of Coolant.

1) Engine Coolant
2) Machine Coolant

Engine Coolant is a mixture of various types of Glycols and formulates which are researched from various corrosive inhibitors. De-mineralized water is mixed with the coolant as per specified proportion and used in the engine-radiator cooling system to remove excess heat of engine.

Why Coolant is required?

The purpose of Coolant is to remove excess heat produced from the engine operation, to control corrosion and scaling, antifreeze and boil over the radiator water. Many years ago water was used to reduce the temperature, which is considered as effective heat transfer fluid but it boils at very low temperature. Water is also highly corrosive and format scaling. It impures the cooling liquid by accumulating corrotion particles and scaled waste. So it chocks up tubes of radiator and finally engine overheats. The complexity is increased with the use of aluminum alloys in the head, water pump and radiators.

To protect against the heat, corrosion of aluminum and other metals & scaling; coolant creates a special protective film on all metals. Our this specially researched protective film have important role in the cooling system. This special corrosion inhibitors film technology is only researched by Gokul Coolant and now widley used in India.

Performance Advantage of Coolant

Coolant manufactured at Gokul Coolant is scientifically researched. Gokul Coolant Industries have a ultra modern in-house laboratory. Our Research team consist of Scientist, Chemist and highly qualified technical team. Our Coolants is different from peers because it is thick in density and satisfies all major automotive performance protection international standards and specification. It is used to protect whole cooling system made up of metals like Aluminum, Steel, High Lead Solder, Cast Iron, Copper, Brass, Low Lead Solder etc. against rust, surface and pitting corrosion. It is eco friendly and fully synthetic formulated coolant.

It incorporates state of art organic acid technology (OAT) in an Polymer base for protection of whole cooling system metals including Aluminum. Our Coolant does not contains phosphates, silicates, borates, nitrates, nitrites and amines. It contains a high quality de-foamer and does not harm gaskets, hoses, plastics or original vehicle paint.