Special Purpose Industrial Cooling Liquid

Guaranteed Protection

  1. MAHIR from Gokul Coolant is the market leader in cooling liquids for various industries. Started in 1992, Gokul manufactures a range of surface protectors for Submersible I Open-well I Self Priming Pump set Industry, special purpose Industrial Cooling liquid for heat transfer in machine cooling system (widely used in Chiller I Condenser I Cooling Tower I Machine) and Automobile Radiator Coolant. These revolutionary world class cooling liquids are the result of market needs and in-depth research .
  2. The hard work has been acknowledged in the form of a National Award for Innovation in Radiator Cooling Technology. Today Mahir is a well known and reputed brand with a product reach throughout India and beyond boundaries to all major Asian, African , European and Latin American Countries. In addition the company also deals with OEM Supply (with Customer's Brand Logo).
  3. Gokul Coolant is headquartered at Rajkot (Gujarat), India in a sprawling Campus of 15,000 Sqft. The manufacturing unit is equipped with state-of-art technology, laboratory equipment and QC systems. The USP of Gokul Coolant is its simplified manufacturing system and isolated variant processing lines.
  4. With a wide range of Coolants and Cooling Liquids, Gokul is equipped to cater to all industry types . Convenient packaging for all products adds to the benefits of usage.

MAHIR Surface Protector - 1:7 is a Synthetic Plymers based Anti-Corrosive Concentrated water cooling liquid, is widely used in Chiller / Condenser / Cooling Tower / Machine and acts as internal metal surface protector.


  1. Increases life of Chiller / Condenser / Cooling Tower / Machine / Mould.
  2. Protects surface of any internal parts made from Copper, Brass, Mild Steel, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Rubber, Plastic etc.
  3. Works in temperature range 1° C to 75°C.
  4. Non-Hazardous and Non-Toxic Eco­ Friendly Chemicals.
  5. As it protects internal parts and surface against Rust / Corrosion / Scale, maintenance of machine is reduced drastically with increase in efficiency.
  6. Long Life and Stable Polymers.

How It Works?

  1. Mahir Surface Protector - 1:7 forms a very thin water soluble film I layer on the surface to protect it from rust I corrosion and scale. This thin layer gives perfect heat transfer and is easily miscible with water.
  2. It works equally in open loop and close loop cooling system.
  3. In the open loop cooling system, like cooling tower, add filter clothes for remove scales.


Widely used in chilling plant, Copper I Brass condenser, cooling tower and any type of water cooling systems, for industries like Plastic & Rubber, Food & Beverages, Chemical, Pharmaceutical formulations , Die-Casting, Paper, Cement etc .